Ask a Bride time! Q: How do you keep perspective about your wedding day?


Today’s Throwback Thursday is from my new Ask a Bride feature where one of my brides-to-be asks some questions which are then answered by one of my recent brides who, not so long ago, was in exactly the same position as her, busy planning and preparing for her wedding day.

My lovely bride Charlotte kindly answers bride-to-be Miriam’s questions to help her prepare for her wedding in July. You can see Charlotte and Nathan’s engagement photoshoot video taken when they were in the middle of busy wedding planning. And you can also see their wedding photos on here.

M: What are your tips in keeping perspective about the wedding day?

C: The single most important thing about your wedding day, and the thing you will remember in the most detail is… who you marry! So if you’ve got that sorted then there’s really nothing huge to worry about! Although planning a wedding can be a consuming project, it is a finite one, and the one thing that remains (apart from the gorgeous photographs) is your spouse. So keep focusing on the big picture and you’ll be able to see the wedding as a celebration of the beginning of your new life together, rather than an end in and of itself.

M: What things are best organised early and what can be left later (especially in London – I didn’t realise how soon I was supposed to contact certain suppliers)?

C: We were engaged for 20 weeks in total, and managed to plan a wedding without resorting to any ‘Plan B’s, so if you’ve got longer than that – be encouraged! Buying a dress is best done early as they can take up to 6 months to be delivered, and then you need fittings as well. Finding a venue is also key as they can be very booked up (particularly in the summer and on Saturdays). Only after the venue is set can you then plan all the details such as invitations and flowers etc.

M: What are some fun ways of involving friends and family in the whole organising process?

C: If friends and family are willing to be involved I would recommend delegating as many tasks as you can! Providing that you’re not a control-freak this means that you have less to do, they can be involved, and there’s an element of surprise on your wedding day! For example, my mum chose all the flowers (after running her initial ideas past me), and organised a route-master bus; my sister made all the place-names; my parents-in-law made all the wedding favours; a friend designed our invitation; and my bridesmaids hand-made all our decorations. These crafty activities were all great fun for a group and meant a lot both to our friends and relatives, and to me and my husband.

M: Any tips in general for a bride-to-be are always welcome!

C: A tip for finding a great venue for the reception is to think outside the box… After looking at lots of hotels and special centres that cost a fortune, we stumbled upon a restaurant in central London that had no hire cost (providing you meet their minimum spend which was very reasonable). The food was great and they did all the stationery, so all we had to bring was flowers and a band. It was on a square that, being in the city, was completely deserted on a Saturday so we had bonus outside space too. Incidentally, we’ve since seen the restaurant on TV as it’s where First Dates is filmed!

My one other tip would be to make sure your wedding dress is comfortable! I only tried mine on in a standing up position, so when I was sat in the car on the way to church I discovered it really dug in. I then spent the whole day feeling slightly sick and ended up changing out of it at the earliest opportunity which was a real shame.

{That last tip is priceless, Charlotte. Thank you so much! I would never have thought of trying my dress on sitting down and walking etc!}

If you or anyone you know is getting married soon and have some questions or seeking tips and advice from brides, send them in and I’ll ask one of my lovely brides to answer them. Follow me on instagram lilyrsawyer, twitter @lilysawyerphoto and Facebook for more creative and wedding features coming up!

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