Before and after on my faking a seamless experiment / London Children photographer

You may remember my post about faking a seamless – one of my recent experiments in photoshop. If you don’t, here’s that blog.

It was a bright-ish January day here in London (where winter is either grey and / or wet 90% most of the time). Sometimes I like to challenge myself and experiment with something I’ve never done before or something difficult to do. I decided to take some shots of my kids after school before the already invisible sun completely disappeared.

My set-up consisted of a white un-ironed bedsheet which I covered the back of my sofa with and positioned my super-un-ecstatic kids in front of our balcony window facing what little light was left. The shoot took about 15 minutes before chaos and complaints took over and we had to call it a day.

I then experimented with the images in photoshop: cleaning up the background, brightening the photos, creating fake shadows, colour-correcting etc etc.

Here are the before-and-after shots.


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