Bo, Betty and the story of Rambo the tortoise

Bo and Betty’s granny was driving down a lane one day when she nearly ran over this amazing little creature. She stopped and picked him up, asked around if he belonged to someone, and with no one to claim him, she took him home. Not knowing exactly what to do with him, she decided to give him to her grandchildren. Rambo was thus named, looked after and loved. He sleeps in a little hutch built especially for him, with compartments for sunny and cold days. He roams around the patio, hides amongst the potted plants, and apparently likes to nibbles toes that happen to be in his way! Rambo is a much-loved little tortoise (and the best photography prop I have so far come across!). They say tortoises live a hundred years. I hope Rambo lives to see his 100th birthday…except that nobody knows how old he is let alone his birth day!


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