Canary Wharf engagement photoshoot: Tom and Phebe

I love these two and this shoot was the one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done in over a decade of shooting! Tom and Phebe are a brilliant example of two young people who love God and who have big hearts always open and ready to serve others. They laugh a lot too which is rather infectious and they seem to spread some joy wherever they go and whoever they’re with. It was a bitterly cold winter day when we shot their engagement photoshoot in Canary Wharf. My fingers were frozen! But you wouldn’t have known with all the laughter going in in these shots, perhaps only slightly betrayed by their thick winter coats. I cannot wait for their autumn wedding in the woodlands. Hopefully it won’t be as cold and I know it will be amazing, memorable and most importantly, a blessing to so many. Because that’s who these two are: they put others above themselves, even on their big day. Congratulations Tom and Phebe. Here are some highlights of your fun winter love shoot! Lxx


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