Embroidery artist Chloe Avery

Here’s a special treat for you all on this sunny/rainy spring day. It is my privilege to introduce the incredibly talented embroidery artist – Chloe Avery. I first met Chloe many many years ago, she was only in her teens and over time I’ve seen her creativity grow from strength to strength. Her background is in Fashion {BA Hons & MA} at the prestigious London College of Fashion. Chloe has found her niche and I’m sure you’d agree she is amazing at it. Recently I was in Amsterdam and took the opportunity to catch up with Chloe and take some pics of her work too. Here is my interview with Chloe – an insight into her art and inspiration.

Chloe has recently made a couple of wedding embroidered monogram pieces for me {will be featured in a future post so stay tuned} and they are beautiful, exquisite bespoke pieces – perfect keepsake for newlyweds. So if you are getting married and would like something handmade and really beautiful, perhaps to use as your invite design and to frame as a wedding memento, get in touch Chloe. I’m sure she will wow you with her work and she is fast too – lightning fast! And the best news is… Chloe is coming back to London!

How did you get into embroidery?
I’ve embroidered for a long-time, if you’ll count the little cross-stitch kits I’d get as an eccentric seven year-old. These were all twee little kittens and puppies. Sometimes I’d design my own patterns – hearts and stars and that sort of thing. Then I studied fashion. I was sixteen when I started at LCF and twenty-three when I left, having completed my masters in surface textiles – embroidery but also print and other manipulations of the fabric’s face. Since then, I’ve worked freelance in occasion wear, but always returned to my love of drawing and colour. I began my current venture into embroidery with the desire to use the needle and thread as I would ink or graphite.


How would you describe your style and who would you say your main influences and inspiration are when it comes to your style?
My style is painting with thread, conjuring evocative images of home, capturing tastes, which hold their own layered meaning, with the line and colour of food seeped in nostalgia. I aim for hyper-realism, stylised life. Warhol is an obvious influence for his use of pop culture and mass-produced paraphernalia in capturing time. The Oilily style in the nineties, when I were just a lass, formed my ideas of how to play with colour and texture and pattern. Some current artists who I follow avidly and have definitely lent inspiration are CJ Hendry – her choice of every day artefacts and the incredible scale she works on – and my friend Lakwena – her bold use of colour is so provocative.


Who are your favourite designers / artists / embroiderers who have shaped your values and beliefs?
The illustrator Dick Bruna, famous for Miffy, works in such an incredible systematic fashion. His utter commitment to his style is amazing. The value of cultivating your work over decades is inspiring. Bridget Riley I’d cite for similar reasons. But also for her incredible eye, creating illusory images simply with the placement of colour. I love her work. Betsy Johnson is one of my absolute heroes. She loves what she does and makes what she loves. Her work is fun and playful and she lives her work. She does a cartwheel at the end of every show. She’s amazing.


What is your favourite piece that you have made?
I love what I’ve just finished – a series of giant ice-lolly patches for denim jackets. But my favourite has to be my Full English. It’s the grandest scale I’ve worked on and it really pushed me to consider what was possible in thread. I’m 98% happy with it.

Do you love what you do and why?
Yes! Absolutely! It’s fun. It’s addictive. I get to bring together all the things I love – colour, drawing, food, texture. And it’s less messy than painting.


What are your next projects?
I still have some way to go with my Tastes of Home collection. I am working on some more sweets – liquorice allsorts, seaside rock. I have some condiments all in black to work on – HP sauce, Branston Pickle. And I am working on another giant plate – Fish and Chips this time. But following this I have a new project that I am really excited about. It’s a day out at the Fair – think carousel animals and candyfloss. It’s gonna be colourful!


What is your dream regarding your embroidery art?
Short term, I want to exhibit my current collection. Producing some as prints and putting others to work in fashion placement. In the long term, I’d like to move toward commissioned work be that for individuals, companies or anyone who wants embroidered art. One day I want my work in the V&A and to appear on Woman’s Hour! (a girl can dream)

What is your dream regarding your personal life?
I want to wear bigger hats and higher heels and not feel underdressed on the day I have cocktails with Iris Apfel.


Check out Chloes work on her instagram page chloe.amy.avery and join her rapidly growing following. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @lilyrsawyer, Twitter @lilysawyerphoto and Facebook for more creative and wedding features coming up!

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