Christmas Day 2009 family shots

I have not blogged for a few weeks: as a family, we have been under the weather over the holidays, and now we have some building work being done in our house. So to catch up, I thought I’d post some of the photos I took on Christmas Day…

We made this Christmas cake (except for the cake toppers).christmas-cake.jpg
Isaac has just woken up and he opens his stocking. He was absolutely delighted with the Thomas train from Woody Warren.isaac-stocking.jpg
Beth was not very well and she has just woken up too, all snotty and dribbly. She didn’t quite know what to make of her first toothbrush…beth-stocking.jpg
We made hundreds of salt dough decorations for the tree. The kids loved painting and spreading glitter on them.heart.jpg
Calla, busy as ever…calla-1.jpg
Merry Christmas salt dough decorations…salt-dough.jpg
Isaac and D watching Thomas the Tank engine Christmas special…isaac-daddy.jpg
Beth – just turned 1 the day before…beth-02.jpg
Isaac – very pleased with his JCB crane present.isaac-tree.jpg
Calla – what more can I say? She doesn’t keep still.

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