Cornflower blue & white London City Temple Wedding | Julia & Fede

A classic London wedding in the heart of the city with an English-Spanish twist. Julia and Fede. The bridal party arrived in London white wedding cabs at the couple’s local church City Temple. Julia and Fede’s city wedding day started off being welcomed by beautiful songs and hymns sung by a choir and a Spanish style ceremony entrance. Julia styled her hair in a Spanish chignon – a nod to Fede’s home country. Fede wore a smart morning suit with a top hat reflective of Julia’s English heritage. Their lovely pastor who officiated the wedding is American and the congregation is multi-national. It was one joyous faith-filled multi-cultural celebration in the heart of the city of London. Reception followed afterwards at the trendy Drake and Morgan establishment The Fable. Here are some highlights from Julia and Fede’s special and unforgettable wedding day. Congratulations Fede and Julia! Here’s to new adventures!

Julia and Fede’s wedding was a delightful fusion of cultures and traditions, a testament to their love story. As they embarked on this new chapter of their lives together, symbolized by their beautiful ceremony in the heart of London, it’s only fitting that they chose rings that echoed the enduring nature of their commitment. With, couples can explore a variety of designs, ensuring they find bands that resonate with their individual styles and preferences. Here’s to Fede and Julia, and to all couples embarking on their new adventures, may your love be as enduring and beautiful as the rings you wear.


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