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Confession time. I hate {read detest} being in front of the camera. But I’m getting better at it as the years go by. Perhaps because I’m a lot less self-conscious now that when I was younger. But the main reason is the family – I like family photos which actually have myself in them even though that, as it currently stands, is a rarity.

Many women I know are very self-critical. And I am the worst kind. Being photographed is a painful experience for me, especially if I have to look directly at the lens. I hope this helps me as a photographer. Whenever I take other people’s portraits, I do my utmost to make it as painless an experience as possible for my sitters. To choose only the most flattering of pictures. To hide the worst blemishes away while keeping everything still looking natural.

Putting myself in the shoes of my sitters and hoping to overcome “photophobia”, here are some self-portraits {heart pounding and palms sweating}. Because I know one day I’d look back and be grateful. My kids will look back and be glad. And that can only be a good thing.

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