Creative tip 18: How to take self-portraits | London Portrait Photographer

This is my very first attempt in taking selfies. And it was tough! I’m sharing with you how I did it on here but I know there are other better and easier ways of doing it especially from those who have done plenty of self-portraits before.

It was fun though so I would encourage you to try it!

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I bought a wireless remote shutter release from Amazon for under £20, set it up with my camera on a tripod. I then positioned myself backlit behind a bright window, put 2 large silver reflectors on either side of where I would be sitting and metered the light settings. I then put my child on the window so I could focus on her eyes and locked the focus there. My child went to play and I sat on the window sill and clicked away! Being in front of the camera is not my thing; these are the only photos that I liked out of the 100 that I took. These images have been edited in Photoshop with textures to soften the look. P.S. I also slapped a lot of make-up on so I didn’t have to edit my skin!

Nikon D700
85mm 1.8

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