Creative tip 9: Colour me blue…at Ally Pally and the Big Egg Hunt | London Family Photographer

This creative tip is about using an Anchor Colour in your photography. An anchour colour could be any colour that does one or more of the following:

dominates the picture
makes the picture interesting
draws the viewer to explore elements in your picture in more depth
emphasises the subject of your picture

It’s a tool, not a rule.

So I set myself a challenge. On one family day out, I asked my 3 children to choose a colour each and then to point out things with their colour choice for me to take photos of. My personal aim was to try and make these photos interesting and to use each anchor colour well.

My boy chose blue. It was sunny day, with clear blue skies and plenty of blue everywhere. Easy-peasy, a plethora of choice.

My oldest girl chose yellow. Not very difficult, flowers…fun fair…

Now my youngest chose pink. And lo and behold there was hardly anything pink to be found. Lucky for me, my oldest girl decided to be a pink pirate that day, so she became the subject and the anchor colour.

Thank goodness for the pink egg at the Big Egg Hunt.
And the pink express train…

My oldest girl’s pink coat…{getting desperate, can’t you tell}

So much for anchor colours…here’s a few from the day that didn’t meet the criteria!

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