Creative tip 15: Think film – a visit to the British Museum | London Creative Photographer

For this creative tip, I set myself a task:
THINK FILM…1 roll 24 frames…composition….colour….story…

I felt like an art student again. I took my time…shot 22 frames in 3 hours. Nailed 19, botched 3, fixed 1 in photoshop. Scroll down for more tips if you want to set yourself a similar task…

British museum 10British museum 1British museum 11British museum 2British museum 6British museum 3British museum 7British museum 4British museum 12British museum 5British museum 8British museum 9

My husband and I had half of today to ourselves without the children…can’t remember the last time we had the chance. We visited the British Museum and had a pub lunch afterwards. During the 3 hours that we had, my husband read thousands of words and looked at hundreds of artifacts. I shot 22 frames.


1. Have a limit to the number of shots {eg. 12, 24, 36…}
2. Think of a story or theme {mine was colour and composition}
3. Take your time {I thought about each shot and stood in one place for a time, sometimes a couple of minutes, most times for much longer, before I hit the shutter}
4. Edit for a film look {optional – most film photographers nowadays get film scans instead of prints as the direct output of the film, these scans can then be edited using the usual editing processes and software}

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