Wondering where to have your engagement photoshoot? | C & J: Engagement at home

I have recently photographed C & J for their engagement session prior to their wedding and then at their wedding day in Chalk Farm, London just a couple of weeks ago. I love how these engagement photographs turned out. In such a short space of time we captured a variety of relaxed and natural shots in two locations of their choice.


When couples ask me where to shoot their engagement session, I usually suggest a couple of things:

1. A location that means something special to them. It could be where they got engaged, where they first met, a cafe they like to hang out in, their favourite take-away coffee shop, a park where they share memorable moments, or even their own home… It has to mean something rather than a random choice. If they have not been there before, then it could be somewhere they’ve always wanted to go to and visit.


2. Something a little different from their wedding. For example, if their wedding is in a city location, built-up, plenty of roads and cars and people, then I ask them to think of somewhere more green, perhaps at a park, or somewhere that looks a bit more like the countryside – if not actually in the country, big open spaces, a heritage area they want to visit… Built-up locations and green, tree-lined parks offer very different outcomes in terms of photographs and it would be a good idea to try and have both: one for the engagement and the other for the wedding.


C & J chose their home which they share and of course is special to them. They hadn’t had a photoshoot before and I didn’t want them to feel awkward. I suggested drinking coffee, reading the paper… things that they naturally do and make them feel relaxed. And then we went for a walk to the local church’s backyard where they were to hold their wedding reception. And voila, we were done! Short, fun, relaxed, natural. Just the way we like it!

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