Engaging and entertaining children during a photoshoot: Adeola

Most children have very short attention span. They never seem to stop playing and are always busy with something. They have barely started a new game or played with a new toy when they suddenly wander off, interested in something new. With 3 children of my own, I have realised that getting little ones to sit still is hard work, in fact, almost impossible at times. When I take photos of families with little children, I try to have a few ideas up my sleeve to get them to engage in the shoot. Grumpy, tired and very bored children will not make good photos! I try to capture their play and energy by letting them do the things they love to do.

Adeola, the 3 year old girl in these photos WAS bored. So I got her to run, and run she did! She ran and ran and ran that in the middle of the photo shoot, she almost fell asleep from exhaustion. I also bring some suitable props that would arouse children’s curiosity. Tactile objects like woven baskets and feathers are effective in distracting children and getting them to join in.


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