Great skincare tips for brides-to-be from Sarah L of Arbonne

Friends, I’d like to introduce to you the lovely Sarah Liebelt, a nutrition and make-up guru. skincare and make-up is always an important part of a bride’s pre-wedding ritual. Knowing our skin is in tip top condition makes us feel good and confident to face the world, especially for brides as they are the centre of attention on their wedding day.

To enhance the effectiveness of your skincare routine, incorporating natural and gentle exfoliation can work wonders for achieving a radiant complexion. As part of your pre-wedding ritual, try a natural face scrub that will gently slough away dead skin cells and reveal a fresh, glowing canvas. Sarah Liebelt, with her expertise in nutrition and make-up, can provide valuable insights into selecting the right natural face scrub that suits your skin type and addresses any specific concerns. By incorporating regular exfoliation into your skincare routine, you can ensure optimal absorption of skincare products and encourage cell turnover, leading to a smoother and more youthful-looking complexion. Remember to consult with skin care professionals and follow their recommendations to achieve the best results for your skin’s unique needs.

In addition to exfoliation, prioritizing skin health is paramount, especially leading up to significant events like weddings. Investing in a comprehensive skincare routine that includes nourishing ingredients and targeted treatments can make a notable difference. Consider incorporating antioxidants like liposomal glutathione into your regimen. This powerful antioxidant not only helps combat oxidative stress but also aids in brightening the complexion and promoting overall skin health. Consulting with skincare professionals like Sarah Liebelt can offer personalized recommendations on how to integrate these supplements effectively into your routine, ensuring your skin is not only radiant but also resilient from within. With a holistic approach to skincare, you can confidently step into your special day with a luminous and healthy glow.

I met up with Sarah and asked for her top advice for my brides in preparing for their big day especially when it comes to looking naturally beautiful inside and out and feeling confident in themselves. I’ll hand you over now to Sarah who has some friendly and sensible advice along with some passionate encouragement to live life with a purpose.


1. What made you decide to go into the health and beauty business?

Freedom. I wanted a business where I could create a re-occurring income instead of trading my time for money. What makes me stay is that it has taught me there are so many ways to help people. This industry allows me to do that whether that be a nutrition goal, weight loss, clear skin, fitness, financial goal or to help them feel the best on their wedding day.

2. What would you say your main influences and inspiration are when it comes to beauty and styling?

My biggest influences in style and beauty are how I feel on any given day and what I want to project. I see my style as a reflection/extension of myself and my purpose. I like to wear bold, bright colours because they make me feel happy and I hope they make others happy and encourage them to play with and find their own style.

When it comes to beauty its all about self-love, so being beautiful is whatever it means to the person. To me that is also about using good quality products that don’t harm the wearer or the environment.


3. Who are your most favourite health and beauty icons and why?

My favourite style and beauty icon would have to be Marilyn Monroe because I feel she embodies breaking the rules…being any shape, loving yourself and doing what you please.

4. What advice would you give to brides when preparing for their wedding day?

My top advice to a bride is for everything to be a reflection of yourself & to be present for every minute. I think in a day where you are the focal point on everyone’s attention you need to feel as much like yourself as you can. This will help you to feel more confident during the day & that will come through on all the photographs. Besides, when it’s all over you won’t remember every detail but you will remember how you felt. You want to look back with feelings of happiness and confidence.

For a bride-to-be that doesn’t wear a lot of make-up, usually I would suggest playing around with some natural foundations and eye colours to help you feel comfortable wearing it. I always colour match my clients for the best shade. There are different types of coverage from CC to cream liquid foundation to powders. Try some different looks and see which works best for you as being comfortable wearing make-up will help you shine that amazing smile on your wedding day.

Regarding looking your best on your wedding day my best advice is that true beauty is an inside-out process. Nutrition plays a big part in how our skin and hair looks so it’s no good using the best skin care if what you’re putting into your body is making you break out.

Beauty is a process which means it’s not just one thing that brings out your beauty. I recommend your product regime compliment each other so start with nutrition and work your way out to include proper skin care which includes cleansing, toning and moisturising as well as the occasional face scrub {to reveal your bright, fresh skin for wedding pictures} & mud mask {for soft skin}. Your make up should then be an extension of your skin care and should contain hydrating ingredients so it doesn’t dry out and clog your skin. So many people often have the nutrition and skin care sorted but then undo all that great work with the make up and make up remover they use. 

All of your products should work in synergy with each other and your body for the best results. As your skin takes 4-6 weeks to adjust properly to a new product, skincare in particular, I suggest having your skincare regime approximately 2 months in advance. This will give you the confidence that your skin will be looking its best on your wedding day.


As tempting as it is to go out and have a facial before your big day, unless this is something you usually do, I would avoid them. Any changes in your skincare routine can result in changes in your skin. A deep clenase can also bring any ‘gunk’ to the surface, which is good but not right before your wedding day. When ‘gunk’ clears it can result in breakouts so it’s much better to have your skin sorted in advance so that the ‘gunk’ isn’t even there.

Instead, I would add and exfoliating to your routine well in advance, at least 2 months, and drink plenty of water so your skin is hydrated and fresh for your pictures. Water also helps cleanse the system and reduce breakouts so good water intake as part of your usual routine is essential int aking care of your skin from the inside.

One of my favourite products is Arbonne’s foaming sea salt scrub which I use twice per week and will target the surface of the skin to clear away old cells. I;ve also recently added the facial oil to my routine and my skin is clear, smooth and glowing. Just waht every bride wants on her wedding day.

And speaking of pictures you do not want to be touching up your make-up all day. I suggest using a primer under your make up but over your skin care. A primer is a physical barrier for your make-up to stick to and also provides a smooth surface for foundation application. It fills in fine lines first and then the make-up glides over the top for a smooth finish.

Translucent powder will also help set the make-up and assist in its staying power. It also helps reduce any shine which is essential. The optilight technology is Arbonne’s foundaton that reflects light for a diffused, soft look.

Lastly, try to get a god night’s sleep leading up to the wedding as rest is key to bright, fresh skin…and no bags under your eyes!


5. Do you love what you do and why?

I do love what I do but the core of it is helping people and if I can help someone feel good about themselves on one of the biggest days of their life then I think that’s a pretty good gig!

6. If you were given free reign to styling a bride in a way that would delight her, how would you go about it and what would be the result?

I would start by asking her about herself: what she likes, doesn’t like and when she closes her eyes and envisions her wedding what does she see. I would ask her to describe how she feels and tell her to hold on to that feeling. I would then style her in accordance with what she has said, and what I think would suit her, and ask her to tell me when she has a feeling close to the one while she was closing her eyes. I would hope the result would be a bride feeling as though she is getting her dream wedding.

7. What is your dream regarding your business?

I would like to help as many people as possible to be healthier, happier, financially free & to make a change in not only their lives but also the lives of others. Others I may never meet but they will be positively effected because of my business.


8. What is your dream regarding your personal life?

Pure freedom and choices. Freedom to travel in luxury to the places I want, when I want. Freedom to live where I like for as long as I like. Choices of who I work with and when I work. Choices about who I spend my time with. I also know that I am here to leave a positive impact so my dream for my personal life is to leave each person better for having met me and to inspire as many people as possible to love themselves and to pursue their dreams. Leaving a legacy of people, helping and inspiring people to make a difference in their lives is the ultimate goal.

Thank you Sarah for your detailed and step-by-step advice for brides on their skin and beauty regime. That was a good read and I’ll definitely be trying those tips even though the last time I was a bride was nearly 13 years ago!

You can contact Sarah Liebelt, Arbonne Independent Consultant, on her website and drop her an email at

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