Greenwich Newborn Twins photoshoot | The G family

Supermum. There’s no other word for it! I take my hat off to their amazing Mummy who, on the day she delivered the twins, was still running! Superfit as anything, even after the birth when we did the shoot, she was in top form. Add to that looking after a 2 year old as well (see baby Sam’s newborn photoshoot here). What a special Mummy and such blessed children. The twins were only about a week old when these photographs were taken. And I can tell you, I got so broody. They are super cute, the sweetest little things and the most perfect bundles. It was great to cuddle them actually (not just photograph them, especially as I’m not having any more babies despite being broody). Here are some highlights from the shoot. Congratulations to the entire G family of 5! Fabulous five! I’m sure many days and years of fun, laughter and adventure await!


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