Greenwich Park & Queen’s House autumn engagement photoshoot: Jonathan and Yas

It’s Wedding Wednesday and I am so excited to share with you this young and lovely couple’s engagement photoshoot in Greenwich Park and the Queen’s House. But before that, a little story…

Jonathan is one of the sweetest and gentlest guys. He came over here as a missionary and served in a few churches and organisations. Always humble and ever kind, Jonathan soon started serving in Hope Church. Yas, a fresh University graduate at that time, started working part-time for the church. Over that period the two became good friends but nothing more… until a year later when it was time for Jonathan to go back to Colombia. Suddenly he realised just how much he would miss Yas so Jonathan hatched a plan to spend as much time with Yas as possible during his last couple of weeks in England. He asked her out, they went on a date and the rest, as they say, is history. Over the next couple of years, it wasn’t that plain sailing as there were continents between them but it made for great opportunities to travel abroad, and you know, distance makes the heart grow fonder…. Early this year they got engaged and will be having not one but two weddings next summer! How exciting!

I asked Jonathan to write a little something for Yas as a surprise… So Yas this is from Jonathan for you… {you should ask him to put it into music!} “I never imagined being blessed with such a gift and a special person in my life. Yas, your courage and passion in your heart inspire me to live everyday towards the Father’s heart. I only ask God one thing: that I’ll be able to love you, support you, and serve you everyday just as He does for me.”

Congratulations Jonathan and Yas. You are both an inspiration to all of us, to the young and not so young, to serve with big hearts and sheer passion, to always be loving and gracious despite circumstances and to do everything with a smile. I can’t wait for your wedding! In the meantime, have a fabulous summer Christmas in Colombia!!! Love you both xxx


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