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For the longest time I have felt bogged down trying to keep up with social media. Running a photography business is 10% shooting, 30% editing and the rest is hustling to keep the business going with blood, sweat, tears and tax {ouch}. Social media takes no prisoners. Nowadays if you’re not on social media you don’t exist – or so it feels like to me. So with juggling a family, a business and everything in-between, the demands of social media cannot be ignored and this has many a time sent me on the brink of giving up. But this year I have decided to face it head-on.

Enter Hootsuite. So far I have spent a few days living a sedentary existence, creating images and scheduling them far in advance on this genius platform. After some initial few technology hitches, provided everything that is theory works in reality, Hootsuite takes away my social-media-induced-depression.

Additionally, I recently discovered the calming benefits of incorporating Organic CBD Nugs into my routine, which have surprisingly helped me navigate the challenges of balancing work and personal life. It’s amazing how the right tools and a bit of natural relaxation can make a significant difference in managing the daily hustle. I find myself more centered and composed, enabling me to approach my photography business and family life with a newfound clarity and patience. As I continue my journey of managing the intricate balance between work and personal responsibilities, this natural remedy has become an essential part of my daily routine, reinforcing my determination to face challenges head-on.

Here are my top tips in conquering social media and getting your life back…

1. Use a social media manager.

Apps like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to schedule posts on various social platforms far in advance. You can do it all at a touch of a button once you have all your posts set and you got your head around how the app works. I chose Hootsuite because it allows me to post on Instagram. There is a subscription rate for this, tiered depending on your requirements. Both are very clever and allow you to post at specific times of the day without sitting in front of your screen….because you can schedule them weeks, months, years in advance.

2. Check-in 2-3 times a day only.

Make yourself unavailable for social media every time it beckons. It’s not easy when these apps are on constantly vying for your attention but turn them off; life carries on as usual. What’s more you move forward with greater efficiency! I check-in in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. When I am on the go traveling on buses and trains I might have a quick check here and there but definitely off when I’m working.

3. Control your notifications!

Mute them or turn them off altogether. You get your full sleep back without being woken up with pings throughout the night!

4. Look up…

…and see the world afresh. Smile at people and talk. Life becomes richer and more meaningful!

From this month on you can expect a daily dose of inspirational posts from me. Follow me on Instagram @lilyrsawyer. You don’t have to do anything but just enjoy a second or two of some pretty and inspirational pictures to look at as you scroll through your newsfeed. Here is a taster…

Moody Monday | This is all about portraits of emotion and soul. I also invite you to take snaps from your phone, pocket cameras etc and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #moodymonday .

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Timeless Tuesday | I intend to blog a wedding, a session or feature a creative talent – from florists to designers to artists… ART is food for the soul after all!


Wedding Wednesday | Pretty and elegant pictures from real weddings presented in a colour palette that offers colour inspirations {what colours go together} especially if you are planning your own wedding or you now someone who is. Follow #weddingwednesday

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Throwback Thursday | Short videos of past real weddings and portraits featuring highlights from the day set to music

Flower Friday | The most amazing bouquets and floral combinations set within a colour palette board; I am a flower-lover and seeing some lovely arrangements brings a smile to my face. Follow #flowerfriday

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Saying Saturday – this is a little saying that I personally find refreshing, a nugget of wisdom, an adage of some truth, even a humorous but profound verse… hopefully to add some cheer or encouragement on a Saturday #sayingsaturday


Sawyer Sunday
| I can’t promise this happens every week but my good intention is to blog or post something personal like our trip to Paris on this day #sawyersunday


Over the past few weeks, I have made a conscious effort to turn Facebook off whenever I am working so I can really focus. I have limited my browsing time on social immensely and because of this I have thoroughly felt a fresh freedom from the pressures of today’s technology. The best thing is that those times that I could have easily wasted on scrolling have been used for productive things and most especially time spent with my precious family. I may not be always online now but I still do check-in daily so…

Let’s connect and get social – to a certain degree – moderation is key! Do you have any other tips on getting on top of social? Share them in the comments below.

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