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Photoshoots are exciting and fun. But if you haven’t experienced one before, it might be a little nerve-wracking. You’re probably thinking you don’t know what to expect, not sure what to wear, at a loss of coordinating all the family’s clothes, dreading the possibility of kids having a meltdown right in the middle of the shoot…and so on. If you have a newborn baby, you are probably wondering when is the best time and age to have a newborn photoshoot.


It’s time to stop fretting. Here’s a quick and simple guide for you. So relax, put your feet up, and read through this guide, with a nice drink in your hand…

1. Plan your outfit

Before deciding on outfits, think of what you want out of the photoshoot. Do you want a big canvas or wall product to hang above your sofa? How about a collection of framed prints that go together on a feature wall in your home? If you do, then carefully choose your palette of colours to match your interior. I’m thinking of tones and style here, if your living room interior has pale pastel tones and shabby chic decor, then perhaps bold and bright outfits may not be the best choice. It is however very important to choose outfits that make you feel good, confident and comfortable.


It’s also a good idea to bring another set of outfit especially for the children. It goes without saying that for babies, you would need spare nappies, muslins, clothes and just about everything. For little girls, don’t forget to think about hair accessories and other pretty items like bags, bracelets, sunglasses and hats should you prefer for your kids to be photographed with them. For a more detailed guide, I have written a more exhaustive post on what to wear for a photoshoot on this link.

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2. What to bring

Snacks and drinks

If children are to be photographed, think through the session time in terms of your normal routine. Are there any small routine adjustments that need to be made? Would it be better to feed them and keep them happy for the session. Bring some favourite snacks and drinks for break time should it be needed. I am patient and I’m used to making allowances for the unexpected especially with babies and very young children, and I’m sure other family photographers are the same and used to this so this is not something to worry about. If it’s an engagement session, why not bring a picnic!


Toys and props

You may also want to bring some props (sentimental items, favourite toys, special toys, special items you would like to be included in the shoot like baskets, balloons, tea set etc…), but choose no more than 3 items so we can focus the session better. Make sure not to show the kids these items beforehand to keep the element of surprise. I will also have a couple of surprise toys up my sleeve for the session.

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3. Be yourself

If you have looked through my photos or follow my blog, you’d know that my aim is to capture moments, the precious, special, fleeting in-between moments, that result in natural and real images. These would be impossible to capture if you are not being yourself. During the session, I will give some direction when necessary but most of the time, I will just tell you to be yourself, interact as normal, and perhaps ask you to do an activity. The object is to have fun, the secret is capturing the ‘in-between’. So there is no need to worry about posing and how to look in front of the camera, because these are not your concerns, these are mine!

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If you are thinking of booking a photoshoot or have an upcoming session with me, contact me and we can chat more and in detail about how you can prepare yourself for a shoot.

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