Islington Town Hall registry wedding | unconventional royal blue wedding dress

I love a brave bride who is unafraid to go against convention and wear a strong colour for her wedding dress, in this case a deep royal blue hue embroidered dress with matching shoes. Her flowers by Dansk Flowers had blue thistles to match. The wedding was a lovely intimate family affair and the short ceremony was held at the beautiful wood and marble panelled Islington Town Hall. The wedding party then enjoyed lunch at the nearby pub, the Albion. This day was made even more special because the bride and groom’s two sweet little children were part of the bridal party as little flower girl and ring-bearer. There was such a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of time for family chats, kids snoozing, playing and drawing and truly enjoying quality time with loved ones. Precious and special times and what every wedding should be. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs! I know it’s never easy to go away for a break when you have little ones but I hope you manage to sneak a honeymoon soon!

I know it’s never easy to go away for a break when you have little ones, but I hope you manage to sneak a honeymoon soon, creating more wonderful memories together. Amidst this backdrop of heartwarming togetherness and unconventional joy, let’s take a moment to consider how love, like a wedding dress, can also come in various forms.

Just as your wedding day radiated uniqueness and comfort, so can your choice of wedding attire. Think beyond the conventional white gown and envision a dress that resonates with your individuality. Perhaps it’s a vintage find that tells a story, untraditional wedding dress infused with vibrant colors that symbolize your journey, or even a chic pantsuit that signifies modern elegance. Your love story is one of a kind, and your attire can reflect that narrative, setting the tone for a new wave of weddings that redefine tradition.

As you embark on this new chapter together, remember that every aspect of your celebration can mirror the love and authenticity you showcased on your special day. May your path be filled with shared laughter, endless adventures, and a wardrobe of memories as distinct and extraordinary as the love you share. Here’s to the embrace of the untraditional, in love and in life


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