Joan Miro at the Tate Modern | London Portrait Photographer

I just have to share this.

After 7 days of toilet-training my youngest and being indoors the whole time to crack it in a week, my lovely husband took me and the kids to a surprise day out in town last Saturday and sent me off on my own with a ticket to Joan Miro’s first major retrospective for part of the day.

Being there, scrutinising his paintings and drawings transported me back to 6 years of art school.

Seeing over 150 of his works was inspiring; watching a short film of how he worked touching; reading about his life liberating.

“I understand that an artist is someone who, in the midst of others’ silence, uses his own voice to say something and who makes sure that what he says is not useless, but something that is useful to mankind.” – Miro

To book tickets check out the Tate website.

I can’t post a photo from the Tate website due to copyright issues but I don’t want to post a blog without one, so I’m sneaking a photo of my man, who in countless ways inspires me, as a thank you for our lovely day.

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