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If you have been following me on Instagram Layered.Home, you may have seen my post about my leather sofa. It’s been great for us, durable leather and no scratches and tears despite being used daily by my family with 3 young children who are now not very small.


The kids are getting bigger – two of them are now taller than me! – and we don’t use the sofa anymore as a family because we simply don’t fit. It’s a chunky chesterfield style and the arms take up so much space otherwise useful for seating space.

And so I’ve been researching on sofas and have decided on a slimline sleek style 3-seater sofa that offers more seating space rather than arm space and less chunk. I’d also like velvet upholstery now that the kids aren’t as messy as they were when they were little (here’s hoping!).

As to the colour, I’m thinking either blush pink (huge risk because it’s quite light but I love the idea), mustard or gold (safe option) or blue (safest option but blends into the walls and I want contrast) or emerald / green (love greens but might not give me enough contrast)…

Here is my shortlist in no particular order…

1. Greenwich by Distinctify


This is a brand I’d only come across when I visited the Ideal Home Show last week and the best thing is I got to sit on it. It’s perfect in size, really comfortable and feels sturdy.

2. Pritchard by Swoon


I love the style – it’s perfect in size too. I’m leaning heavily towards this in either emerald or honey.


3. Evadine by Made


This sofa looks just the ticket. Is there anywhere I can try it and does anyone have it and let me know how comfy it is? The price is incredible too. Could you help me decide by letting me know on Layered.Home which one you think would work best in my space?


I’m excited to see this space getting an update! This is an unpaid post and therefore not an ad but contains some gifted items: wooden neon effect lights from Festive Lights, prints from BTdesignco and cushions from Cushoo UK.

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