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Last month, I took my cousin to Paris for a day and as we only had a few hours, I searched the web for ideas on what to do and which of the most beautiful sights to choose. I chanced upon a perfect one day itinerary that I knew would work and leave us with a feeling that, albeit only for a few hours, we have experienced a little taste of Paris. Even on my fourth visit, Paris never ceases to impress and enthrall; it is breathtakingly big and beautiful. Despite its busy-ness, one can afford to slow down and enjoy its pleasures.

We started at the Trocadero – it offers the best view of the Eiffel tower.
From there we crossed the river and caught the bus to Île de la Cité to see Nortre Dame Cathedral. We planned to take the riverboat Batobus but when we got there, they did not do single trips. Entry to the Cathedral is free!
The Cathedral provided us a sanctuary from the heat outside. We then headed to the adjoining Ile St Louis and leisurely wandered around the lovely residential area and had a bite. Nothing tastes better than pastries and sweets from an authentic Parisian boulangerie.
We crossed over to the right bank Westwards, walked past the booksellers and caught the bus to our next stop: the Louvre.
Then we had a relaxing stroll down Jardin des Tuileries past the Orangerie and onto Place de la Concorde, watching the sun slowly set, before hopping on another bus towards the famous Champs-Elysées.
Oh yes, it had to be done: I stood in the middle of the road on Champs-Elysées {on the crossing – it was quite safe} and took a few shots of the oncoming traffic with the Arc de Triomphe in the distance.

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