Photographing a 2-week old baby: baby Mya

I recently photographed a teeny-weeny 2 week old baby! What a darling! I was amazed at how quickly I had forgotten what newborns are like. The first few days of life are the best time to photograph newborns; they don’t move much and they sleep a lot. Their skin is perfect and they are light as a feather. This precious little princess just about fit in the 1960s trug my mother-in-law had lent me. She was fast asleep and was tightly curled up in the trug. I didn’t want her to be in there for long so I only took a couple of minutes taking the photos. My only regret was that it was not warm enough for the baby to be photographed outdoors with little or no clothing which is how newborns are ideally photographed. Baby Mya is the youngest member of the Dean-Ogunmokun clan I photographed that day.
maia-3 copy.jpgmaia-1 copy.jpgmaia-2.jpg maia-5.jpgmaia-4.jpg

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