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We did it! I am very proud of all 8 participants of the workshop. They braved the cold and rain. Real troopers. A fantastic bunch. And they took some lovely photos.

All week I thought of the weather and kept an eye on the forecast. Come Sunday it started raining in the morning. The persistent kind of rain. The non-stop kind. I couldn’t decide whether to re-schedule and call it off because even by English standards, it really wasn’t raining that hard, it was just persistent. Here, persistent rain can be gloomy, sun-less pitter-patter-pitter-patter all – day – long.

We went ahead anyway. My thinking behind forging ahead was “If you were shooting a wedding, you don’t cancel it just because of persistent rain.” plus I also I knew we had some kind of shelter. But it was a risk and thankfully, it paid off.

Thank you very much everyone. You all did a great job! And lastly, let me not forget to thank my lovely 4 year old for being such a perfect and happy model despite the gloomy conditions and the unfortunate mudslides!

Here are some photos from the participants {in no particular order}:

Caterina Lay of Caterina Lay Photography
Hello blogTable blogIsaac2 blogIsaac blogIsaac1 blog

Rachel Head
Suitcase blogIsaac blogOxo blogPost blog

Tom Periton
Flowers blogBunting blog bwIsaac blog bwBench blog

Catherine Pask
Isaac blur blogIsaac blogCalla blogCake blogIsaac table blog

Flora Kan
Beth blogBunting blogBoards blogHello blog

Esther Bissessar
Fruit blogTree 1 blogTree face blogIsaac blogTree blog

Lisa Warren
Tree1 blogIsaac blogBoard blogOco blogCherries blogStrawberry blog

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