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You will find answers to the most common questions on this page. However, if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

How many images do I get?

For a full day wedding, I give an average of 1000 fully edited images. It could be more or a little less depending on the unfolding of the day and on whether you have a second photographer.

What makes a beautiful and complete story?

When I got married back in 2003, I felt I was planning for a romantic Autumn wedding in a Graeco-Roman shell of a building in London. I remember planning the feel of the wedding: rich autumnal colours, twinkly lights dancing on the tables, the warmth of family and friends, a carefully selected playlist playing in the background and great food.

But the day went by so quickly and I didn’t get a chance to take everything in or see every one of our 200+ guests. I had less than 100 professional photos from the day and missed many photos of family and friends, dreamy images of me getting ready and many details that took weeks in planning.

When I started photographing weddings a few years later, I photographed my dress, shoes, rings and accessories from the wedding that I had kept. I put together my own wedding album of a meager 12 pages with about 30 images from the day. Well curated but hardly a complete story.

Since becoming a professional wedding photographer my aim is to capture and weave into your authentic story how your wedding day unfolds…

…from the details you have spent months preparing

…getting ready with your closest of friends

…traveling to the venue in the special wedding car you have chosen

…the deeply meaningful ceremony – unplanned and candid moments as well as the defining ones

…a few traditional photos with family that you have planned for

…new wedding memories you make as newlyweds during a short bride and groom portrait session in the locations of your choice – we keep this as brief as possible so you have time to chat to family and friends who have come near and far

…the chinking of glasses and the sound of laughter all through the reception culminating with your evening party and dancing and a planned leaving shot.

I provide an average of 100 fully edited images per hour of cover, more or less depending on how your day unfolds and on whether you have a second photographer, the number of guests and the amount of details and decorations, so that when you look at your photographs you will feel transported back to the day and relive your story from beginning to end. For a full day cover, you will get an average of 1000 fully edited images to remember your day by.

Your story should not be hidden in a flash drive or just viewed on your computer, although you will get those too. I can provide you with a beautiful curated authentic wedding story with photos of your choice in a stunning printed album that you can keep as a lasting heirloom for your children and grandchildren.

So what makes a good story?

It’s the unfolding moments of your wedding day that move you to smile, to shed tears of joy, to laugh, to savour the warmth of beloved company bursting with memories of a day full of meaning, soul and love.

“Thank you so much for all the meticulous planning, hard work and skillful coordination that you put into taking and editing such fabulous photos of our wedding day. You really went the extra mile. We love our photos and are very grateful for all the effort you put in.” – Matt and Suzie

london fine art wedding photographer lily sawyer photo

Why do you recommend a second photographer?

Having a second photographer is having another set of eyes focused on capturing candid and serendipitous moments that I cannot capture when I am photographing must-have photos. For example, while the bride is walking up the aisle and I’m capturing the moment the groom lays his eyes on her, the second photographer will be photographing the back of the bride’s dress and the minutes before the bridal party enters the ceremony venue. The same is true for the confetti shot. While I am photographing the confetti walk from the front, the second photographer often captures a more romantic shot from the back.

A second photographer is especially valuable at the beginning of the day before the ceremony. While I am documenting the hours while the bride gets ready with her bridesmaids in her house, the second photographer will be giving the groom and his groomsmen their moment in front of the camera. Some fun shots are usually captured here of the guys being themselves, laughing, perhaps being silly even, to calm the groom down before the wedding ceremony.

Some of the couple’s most favourite images are the ones taken by the second photographer during the official group photos. Whilst I take the main photos from the front, the second photographer photographs from a side angle and the effect looks really candid and just gorgeous. This is only possible with a second photographer shooting on the day.

During the wedding breakfast, you can be assured that photos of the reception room and tables, details and cake will be photographed before any of the guests sets foot inside while I am often with the bride and groom either taking group photos or their portraits. These are only some of the benefits of having a second photographer.

At the end of the wedding, I take all the RAW images from the second photographer and do all the editing myself for a consistent look and feel of your images from your wedding day. Meet my team of second photographers here.

london fine art wedding photographer lily sawyer photo

Can I book you for part of the day instead of the entire day?

If you have specific requirements and would like a bespoke package, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me.

When do I get my images back?

I aim to show you your images within six weeks of your wedding during the peak wedding season {between May and September} and withing four weeks at other times.

Can I share the images on social media?

I would be honoured if you share your images on social media. To make this easy for you, low res email-friendly and social-media-ready versions of all your images will be provided. They will have a simple watermark at the bottom to protect copyright.

What can you do with my images?

First and most important of all and before any photography takes place, a binding contract must be signed by both parties: you and I. This means that you have given me consent to photograph you. By signing a separate and optional Model Release Form, you consent that your name and photos from the session may be used by Lily Sawyer Photography for the purpose of display, portfolio, advertising, website or any publication to promote my business and name. You also agree that the images can be used only for these purposes without additional compensation to yourself. I would only choose a selection of your images in telling a short story of your day on the blog. If you opt out, I fully respect your privacy.

london fine art wedding photographer lily sawyer photo

How long does it take to get the album?

If an album included in your package, you have three months after the wedding to make your image choices. You will also have the chance to make amendments to the first album draft. After that the album gets sent to print. It will take four to six weeks in total from the time you make your choices to the time you receive your album in the post.

How does a photobooth work?

A photobooth comes complimentary when booking an all day wedding with 2 photographers. I would need about 4m x 4m space to set up a background and light stands. The photobooth opens for 2 hours in the evening while the dancing is going on. I have wooden props on wooden sticks like moustaches, lips, hats etc and a gold frame for the booth.

Check here for some samples of photobooth images.

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What is an I heart London engagement session?

When a man is tired of London he is tired of life.
Samuel Johnson

Whether you live in London or not but feel a special affinity to the city, are drawn by its buzz and bustle, its preservation of grandeur and tradition yet welcoming of new worlds and cultures, its eclectic mix of old and contemporary, conserved parks and breathtaking skyline… but most of all you are enamoured by its people who live and breathe the amazing soul of the city, then consider an I heart London engagement photoshoot.

Together we walk the city or explore your favourite spot whether green and leafy or urban and trendy. I will be there to capture the moments as you and your beloved revisit many memories and make new ones.

It is also during the day of the engagement photoshoot that we meet to talk weddings in great detail. This is when we get to know each other a little and build trust so on the day itself we will be comfortable working with each other. Together we come up with a plan of action and a very comprehensive wedding timeline that is organised, realistic, flexible and workable to ensure the day goes smoothly.This process takes out a huge part of any wedding stresses.

I would like to emphasise how important an engagement photoshoot can be. It is a mini practice of how you both interact publicly and in front of the camera so that on your wedding day you won’t even think or notice the camera at all. The I heart London engagement photoshoot tells me a lot about your personality and helps me in capturing the real you.

The first hour is spent teasing out the details of your wedding day. This is followed by an hour having fun in front of the camera, being silly, laughing at ourselves and learning some natural posing techniques in a very relaxed manner without being awkward or pretentious.

Having an engagement session is winning half the battle of wedding planning and preparation.We lay the foundation of a personal service, relational teamwork, key organisation so on the actual day we are fully prepared and you can focus completely on enjoying the day with your family and friends, savouring serendipitous moments. I on the other hand can focus on capturing your day with a creative eye whilst being respectful of policies in place, sensitive to guests, always mindful of the day’s timeline, and because I love weddings, I am sure I will also be enjoying your momentous occasion.

When you book your I heart London engagement session, I will send you a guide with tips on how to prepare, what to wear and what to bring for your session.

london fine art wedding photographer lily sawyer photo

Will I get both colour and black and white images?

Most of the images I will give you will be in colour. Some will be in black and white. If you have a specific preference, please discuss this with me beforehand.

How can I prepare for a photoshoot and what shall I wear?

You will find more information on here on how to prepare for a photoshoot and what to wear.

“Thank you for the exquisite photographs you took of our wedding. We really feel that you have captured the essence of the day and we have so much fun reliving the day through the photos. A number of our guests have commented on the excellent quality of the photography!” Mark and Kat

“You captured the day wonderfully… we are really pleased with them! And thank you for making the whole experience so easy and enjoyable, timings were tight! We are so happy with them!” Andy and Leila

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