I heart London engagement session

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When a man is tired of London he is tired of life. Samuel Johnson

Whether you live in London or not but feel a special affinity to the city, are drawn by its buzz and bustle, its preservation of grandeur and tradition yet welcoming of new worlds and cultures, its eclectic mix of old and contemporary, conserved parks and breathtaking skyline… but most of all you are enamoured by its people who live and breathe the amazing soul of the city, then consider an I heart London engagement photoshoot.

Together we walk the city or explore your favourite spot whether green and leafy or urban and trendy. I will be there to capture the moments as you and your beloved revisit many memories and make new ones.

london fine are wedding photographer engagement session lily sawyer photo

It is also during the day of the engagement photoshoot that we meet to talk weddings in great detail. This is when we get to know each other a little and build trust so on the day itself we will be comfortable working with each other. Together we come up with a plan of action and a very comprehensive wedding timeline that is organised, realistic, flexible and workable to ensure the day goes smoothly. This process takes out a huge part of any wedding stresses.

I cannot emphasise enough how important an engagement photoshoot can be. It is a mini practice of how you both interact publicly and in front of the camera so that on your wedding day you won’t even think or notice the camera at all. The I heart London engagement photoshoot tells me a lot about your personality and helps me in capturing the real you.

london fine are wedding photographer engagement session lily sawyer photo

The first hour is spent teasing out the details of your wedding day. This is followed by an hour having fun in front of the camera, being silly, laughing at ourselves and learning some natural posing techniques in a very relaxed manner without being awkward or pretentious.

Having an engagement session is winning half the battle of wedding planning and preparation. We lay the foundation of a personal service, relational teamwork, key organisation so on the actual day we are fully prepared and you can focus completely on enjoying the day with your family and friends, savouring serendipitous moments. I on the other hand can focus on capturing your day with a creative eye whilst being respectful of policies in place, sensitive to guests, always mindful of the day’s timeline, and because I love weddings, I am sure I will also be enjoying your momentous occasion.

london fine are wedding photographer engagement session lily sawyer photo

When you book your I heart London engagement session, I will send you a guide with tips on how to prepare, what to wear and what to bring for your session. I will be available should you have any questions and I will always be sensitive to your personal requirements and requests.

london fine are wedding photographer engagement session lily sawyer photo

“We’d never met Lily so didn’t know if we’d get along. Our fears were brushed aside at our engagement photoshoot, Lily was very directional with us and we found that much easier than being left to our own devices in front of the camera. The results were amazing, we both looked like ourselves but in the most flattering way. Lily was approachable and receptive with a great eye for pictures and we trusted her completely to capture our special day which she did superbly.” Tom and Lynsey

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