Practising creative shots on a day trip to Maldon

Now that I have 3 kids, finding the time to relax and practise creative photography is very rare. So I took the opportunity to do this on a recent school trip to a fishing village in Kent as my husband had come along. Who better to practise on than my 8 month old baby! Unlike her nearly 3 and nearly 4 year old siblings, my baby can stay still for a longer period and is generally happy when held or entertained with squeaky and rattly colourful toys. It was a rainy day but the light was adequate. I must admit I spent some time working on these sepia photos, but I think that was more because she’s my youngest baby. I guess there’s something about photographing your own baby’s hands and feet; it is so personal.



My two little balls of energy along with their new friends from nursery were more interested in the minutest ladybirds hiding in plant boxes than posing for photographs. But this was a photo opportunity not to be missed! They were oblivious to the camera following them around and getting really close which meant I was able to get some candid shots without them running away or turning their backs at me. I was happy with the photos I took that day, albeit only very few.



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