Probably my most challenging session ever: photographing my 5 year old in her ballet outfit – London Portrait Photographer

When you hear of photographers saying their kids are their most difficult models, they are not kidding! Believe it or not, this photo session of my daughter in her ballet outfit was not my idea, it was hers! She asked for it and I let 3 weeks go by before actually doing the session. I waited until she’s had some lessons in grace and coordination as I thought it would help make my job a little easier. She was very obliging, don’t get me wrong. The details were the easy shots. But if you know my daughter, you know she doesn’t stop – she is busy, busy, busy. I deleted more photos than I kept, in fact thrice more. And the worst thing, I only have 2 photos out of about 100 where I got her eyes sharp enough, and only one of these two I liked enough to edit. The upside is that this set is one of my favourites to date and which helped me in more ways than one to become a better photographer. Learning to be more patient is certainly top of the list.

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