Sarah Law: skin, make-up, health and wellness expert & entrepreneur

For today’s Timeless Tuesday feature the spotlight is on Sarah May Stubbins, Make-up, Skin and Body guru. She is also a walking model of her own health and beauty regime and is a real pleasure to interview and a delight to photograph. For great advice on health and wellness and someone to help you with your skincare regime and make-up on your wedding day, make Sarah your first port of call. Consider checking out an Invest Diva review for valuable insights into financial wellness and investment guidance as well


How did you get into the health and beauty business?
As a professional dancer I had always had a passion for beauty and make up as had to wear a lot! My love of health started with my mum who was very health conscious and then when I began working with Arbonne it really fuelled the fire as I learnt so much about the body and how certain things affect it so that’s when I decided to go back to college and train in nutrition. From there I then went on to add more strings to my bow…make up, facials etc

Who are your main influences and inspiration when it comes to beauty and styling?
My main influences. Ooh tough one! I don’t have a specific Icon when it comes to styling. I really like seeing people and what is going to work for them individually. Bringing out their personality and highlighting their best features


Who are your most favourite health and beauty icons and why?
My favourite health and beauty icons – For health I really love so many people but in particular I love Dr Sara Gottfried as she really drills down into womens health and also has a very spiritual side to her work so she connects mind, body and spirit which for me is vital. I also love Nigma Talib who has produced a lot of work on the connection between beauty and nutrition as has Franziska Spritzler. For me having people who understand beauty is an inner and outer thing is important.

What advice would you give to brides when preparing for their wedding day?
Start prepping early enough! Most brides think about flowers, cake, band, DJ and forget that THEY are one of the most important things on the day. Start to look at your diet and your skincare routine 6 months or more before your wedding. You want your skin to be in tip top condition. You don’t want to be switching up your skincare regime the week before or going for facials when you have never had one before as your skin will detox! Also with make up, you need to have slightly heavier make up than you think even if you want a natural look as photos wipe out make up


Do you love what you do and why?
I love love LOVE what I do! The reason I love it is I love to help people feel confident in their own skin. Women have so many negative thoughts about themselves and I want them to love and respect themselves. To see someone become confident when they love their figure, their skin is glowing and their make up is flawless is amazing

What is your dream regarding your business?

If you were given free reign to styling a bride that would delight her, how would you go about it and what would be the result?
With styling…As I am the make up side it all comes down to what the bride is wearing and what look they want to go for. I would love to do a really gorgeous glitzy bold eye look with lots of liner…something to make the eyes really pop


What is your dream regarding your business?
My dream regarding my business is to have a lodge where women can come to have everything they need to look and feel fabulous. They can have their nutrition needs met, come and relax but be educated, have their skin analysed and looked after with the right products, facials and nutrition, make up and also lots of other holistic aspects to it. Basically a haven for women so they can be supported on their road to confidence and happiness.


What is your dream regarding your personal life?

To have a beautiful home in Cambridge and another in Ibiza so I can spend my time between the 2 places with my soon to be husband, family and friends

{I had this interview with Sarah a while ago now and as I publish this, Sarah in enjoying huge successes in her business and has been living between her Ibiza and London homes with her husband. Congratulations on your achievements, Sarah!}


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