Kinky Pink’s demise, the RAMM in Exeter and mummifying a dummy: Sawyer Sunday

Blame the Easter holidays for backlogs in blogging. All that housework and self-replenishing mountain of washing to get back to plus the feeling of not wanting the holidays to stop. Truth be told the latter is the real reason so I initially spent time pottering and sorting various bits in the house. But alas, I had no choice but to then face 2 very busy months before back to back weddings in June and July and so something had to give way and blogging it is…


Here we are, almost 2 whole months after a nice long Easter week away which was a nice break with very little work distractions thanks to the very poor internet connection over in the moors. I set aside last Monday to catch up on some blogging and start ticking things off that long long list of blogs to write…


Today’s Sawyer Sunday post is a set of the very few photographs I took whilst away. That was primarily because I put on a thinking-film-shooting-digital mindset. The only rule I broke was the ISO for two reasons: I completely forgot and it was almost impossible to keep it constant in low light conditions when on the move.


These photos were taken in Exeter on a relaxing day trip. The RAMM, Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, gave us an unforgettable ancient Egypt experience. We learnt about the mummification process and the kids had a go at mummifying a dummy as well as playing the Senet – an ancient board game, which, thankfully, the boy won otherwise we’d have been treated to a rather painful-to-watch loser meltdown. As well as the little lesson, we saw the actual mummy of Shep-en-mut, the lady of the house, beautifully preserved in her elaborately decorated casket.


She is definitely in there! There is a tiny bit of linen sticking out of the casket. It was amazing, though a little on the creepy side! Imagine being inside the tomb of a 3000 year old mummy! We all enjoyed and loved the RAMM.


And now Kinky Pink… I was speaking to a talented friend of mine Sarah Pollard, about our RAMM experience and how I loved the sweet warm pink colour on their walls. As it turned out Sarah designed and curated parts of the RAMM and let me in on the secret colour of the wall: Kinky Pink! Sadly though, John Oliver’s paints have been discontinued a few years back and colour-matching might be the only way to get this pink on the walls today. It’s such a gorgeous colour, I’d go back there anytime! {Iphone pic below I posted on Instagram}


Up next is for Sawyer Sunday is our underground passages experience – now that was more thrilling than creepy!

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