St. Paul’s Cathedral – inside and out | London Wedding Photographer

Photos of the great St. Paul’s Cathedral from the outside may be commonplace, but photos of the interior are scarce. Photography is strictly forbidden inside… except for a mere 15 minutes during a wedding {entrance, exit and signing}. Here are some sneaky interior photos taken on the day of E & T’s wedding rehearsal. Wedding photos coming soon, so watch this space…

St pauls cathedral 2 WEBSt pauls cathedral 1 WEBSt pauls cathedral 4 WEBSt pauls cathedral 3 WEBSt pauls cathedral 11 WEBSt pauls cathedral 16 WEBSt pauls cathedral 17 WEB
Stpaulscathedral 22 WEBStpaulscathedral 22 WEBStpaulscathedral 17 WEBStpaulscathedral 21 WEBStpaulscathedral 23 WEBSt pauls rehearsal 1 WEB

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