Talented saxophonist Brendan Mills graces today’s blog. Go get him for your wedding!

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It’s one of those rare moments… you walk into a room and you stop in your tracks. A beautiful, deep, soulful sound arrests you and you turn around… Introducing the talented saxophonist Brendan Mills. Brendan played at Paul and Evgeniya’s amazing Gatsby wedding in London Piccadilly and beautifully set the atmosphere for their 1920s themed wedding day. Heart, soul and everything – Brendan gives it his all when he plays his sax. His music is powerful and soothing at the same time and makes you never want to leave the room for as long as he’s playing. He’s such a lovely person too, really humble yet with unmistakable passion for what he does. Let’s hear it from the guy himself…

What inspired you to be a musician serving the wedding industry?

I think when you’re a musician there is just no getting away from it.  It’s inbuilt, pre-programmed!  What I love about serving the wedding industry is that I am able to span many music genres all on one occasion.  I have a very broad musical background and have experience in everything from classical recitals at the treasury to producing chart topping house music! {well, got to number 13 in the dance charts. . . . close enough ;)!}.  No other event or occasion allows me to play all of the genres I love in one place.

What would you say your main influences and inspiration are when it comes to music?

I love music of black origin.  Most of my training was in Jazz and my hero has to be Charlie Parker!   I love soul, funk, blues, RnB.  I love all ‘good’ music really but something with a bit of heart and soul to it really gets me going.  Fave artists include John Legend, Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, Charlie Parker, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, MJ Cole, Disclosure, Roy Davis Junior.  Quite a mix there!   

Who are your most favourite musicians / icons in the industry from your influences and why?

If I focus on two in particular . . 

Charlie Parker.  Just an all round Jazz legend and hero.  A pioneer.  He took bebop to places it had never been before.  His style is so recognisable.  I love his lines, phrasing, the way he works around the changes. I could listen to Parker all day.  Genuine genius and his playing is just so beautiful and soulful.  Love him.  If there was one person I could ever go back and meet it would be him.

Stevie Wonder.  I don’t think there is anyone else in the world that has ever written so many amazing songs.  What a guy!

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What advice would you give to couples when preparing a playlist / music choices for their wedding day?

Think about the key bits such as your ceremony, first dance, last dance and any other essential bits {e.g. cultural music}.  Aside from that, make sure you book someone you trust and let them worry about the rest.  You can definitely over plan music and ultimately the only way to get the vibe right on the day is to follow it.  Sticking to a rigid structure is definitely not the best way!

Do you love what you do and why?

Yes.  I really do.  I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.  I think this is why I am good at what I do – it is almost more important than the musical ability bit.  As I said earlier – music is all about getting the vibe right.  If you are a great musician but don’t want to be there it will show.  I live and breathe performing music, why, I don’t know – it’s just in me, but there isn’t anything else I could do.

If you were given free reign to play any tunes you like for a wedding, what would they be and why?

I normally am given free reign and to be honest I enjoy playing what gets the best reaction.  I love all good music but what I really love is when the music you’re playing is creating the right vibe and atmosphere.  So it really does depend on who I am playing for and what the occasion is.  I am always led by my audience and love giving people what they want.  It’s a real buzz when you get a good reaction and everyone is having a great time.  

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What is your dream regarding your business?

I am kind of doing exactly what I want to be at the moment. I don’t work for any agents, all of my clients are lovely and I get to play music that I love on a daily basis.  Long may it continue!   

What is your dream regarding your personal life?

I took up flying last year following a motoring accident.  It was a childhood dream and decided that if I got on my feet I would just got for it.  It’s incredible.  I got my microlight license earlier this year and have been up in the Sky at every chance I have had since!  I am now planning to do some differences training to obtain my full PPL (A) by the end of the year.  So in fact, once I have finished this I will be head deep in Trevor Thom’s book 4 ‘aircraft technical’ for my up coming ground exam!!!  Anyone wanna come for a spin?
Yes please! Wonderful answers Brendan and thanks so much for taking the time to share your passion with us.

Although Brendan says he can’t do anything else, he actually is also a DJ and an entertainer. Do check out his website here and book him for your event, especially if it’s a wedding day I’d go as far as to say Brendan and his sax are a must! Follow him on Twitter @brendanmillsldn, Facebook and YouTube.

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