The A family @ Island Gardens | London Family Photographer

I have hundreds of photos of my first baby. Many of them taken with an old pocket camera. A lot of them a bit blurry and a bit dark. And looking very similar. I have album upon album of baby photos as I could not bear to throw even those very similar looking ones away. The point of this is that first babies are always special. {And no, I’m not saying that successive babies are not.} Just that first babies are special. Mainly for the parents. And for reasons of “firsts’.

So let me introduce here on the blog a first baby. Oh so special. Those hands, feet, cheeky smiles, gorgeous blue eyes, first teeth, soft fine hair, countless facial expressions. The list goes on. And the parents. As doting and adoring as parents can be. Before long, baby B will be crawling, cruising, walking, toddling, running. In no time at all.

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