The amazing Grays / London Portrait Photographer

This has gotta be one of my favourite photoshoots to date – a snowy shoot with the amazing Grays! I was very excited when they agreed to have the shoot outdoors in the freezing cold and on untouched snow. I wanted to capture the crispness of the snow, the rustic feel of the church building, the vividness of the colours and the energy of the kids. The kids were absolute troopers and didn’t mind some posing and direction. It made my job much easier and we had lots of fun. Despite the cold, baby A was an absolute star – happy to sit and smile and cheer everyone up with those gorgeous aqua-blue eyes. gray-family-2-blog.jpganabel-blog.jpgjo-rosie-anabel-blog.jpgrosie-2-blog.jpgronnie-blog.jpgnew-rosie-annabel-blog.jpgnew-annabel-bw-blog.jpgnew-gray-kids-blog.jpgnew-joe-bw-blog.jpgfamily-kids-blog.jpgrosie-1-blog.jpgronnie-1-blog.jpgjoe-blog.jpganabel-dl.jpggray-family-blog.jpgdez-linds-blog.jpg

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