The B family, the smallest baby I have ever held and her big little sis | London Newborn Photographer

Remember the newborn baby I photographed last year who cried for 3 hours during the shoot? Well, she now has a teeny-weeny sister – so tiny she is the smallest baby I have ever held! At just under 4lbs and 8 weeks old, born 8 weeks early, baby F is strong, beautiful, perfect. {I held her for a long long time – she reminded me of when my eldest girl, now 6, was born early, also at 4lbs.} Little baby F, she may have had a tough start but she is one resilient bundle. She is now home, happy and healthy. What a beautiful blessing; what an amazing miracle! So here they are, a family of four, with all the challenges and rewards two children born 11 months apart bring. A picture of happiness and contentment.

Frida newbornAngel babyFrida newborn1Frida newborn2Mum baby1Dad baby1Mum dad babyLina baby portraitsLina baby portraits1Family portrait

Congratulations F and K on the new addition and here’s to a more exciting journey ahead. Here are some of your fun shots outdoors…

Outdoor family shots

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