The E family and their Easter photoshoot @ Thames Barrier Park | London Family Photographer

The E family are back from down under…but only for a couple of weeks. It is a special time as we only get to see them when they visit. There was a time when I saw them every week, when our oldest children were smaller and best friends at nursery. A few years ago, they decided to leave the damp and cold climes of the UK to somewhere much much nicer. Before they left they had a photoshoot with me to remember London by and we bid farewell to each other.

Yesterday we had another photoshoot, this time with their new addition – the happiest, most placid and contented baby I have ever met. My family joined us after the shoot and we had a fun day together… hunting Easter eggs, blowing bubbles, playing with gorgeous dogs we saw at the park, and even learning how to make puppies, flowers, light sabres, swords, and even a kangaroo {!} out of balloons.

Here are the highlights from the shoot.


Finally, happy Easter everyone! Let’s celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!

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