The L family at Maritime Quay Island Gardens | London Family Photographer

When you hear a parent say their kids grow up so quickly and ‘where has the time gone’, well that is so true. As a mother of 3 myself, I know what it feels like when your tiny newborn becomes a wobbly toddler and in no time at all starts nursery {sniff}.

Time with children does fly. So this photoshoot of the very lovely L family was purely to “record” what the children and they as a family look like before their truly amazingly-chilled-out-adorable-kids start whizzing past milestone upon milestone.

It was a fun and really quick shoot as well because the children were soooo good and camera-compliant! Well done children – you were truly impressive! More photos here.

Anita lee colourBW WEBfamily-portraitsAnita lee colour 28 WEBfamily-portraits

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