Tips for busy brides-to-be: keeping calm and getting the most out of your efforts and money!

Today’s Wedding Wednesday post is something rather special and packed with helpful tips for all you busy brides-to-be. You are probably right in the middle of planning your wedding – a prodigious task, and no doubt you want to get the most out of all your efforts and money! So I have enlisted the help of an experienced and insightful coach / mentor who has come up with great tips for personal effectiveness as you dive deep into your wedding preparations. Let me hand you over to Alessandra Alonso of Everyday Mentor who also happens to champion women’s causes.

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When it comes to YOUR wedding, there is no doubt that this is the most exciting, thrilling yet exhausting time of your life! Whether you plan to do it yourself or you work with a wedding planner, there is no escaping the feeling that you must supervise every aspect, or at least ensure you have a steady hand on all that is going on!

But how do you keep calm under such mounting pressure? How do you ensure you get the most out of the people who are helping you plan the most amazing day?


Here are some helpful tips which I hope will help you take charge of your wedding plans without ever feeling overwhelmed!

#1 First things first

There is so much to do and so little time. If that is the case, ensure you know exactly what comes first for you… it is about importance and impact; what has most sentimental relevance to you but also how it affects other aspects of your wedding plans. For example, most brides would generally splurge on a wedding dress rather than shoes. But if shoes are your passion, choose a great pair that you adore, then think of the dress to go with it! You may never wear the wedding dress again but you can wear those shoes everyday.


#2 To Do List

Maybe it is me, but I write my ‘to-do list’ on a weekly basis and review daily. There is great satisfaction in ticking things off and it keeps me on check. So buy yourself a special notebook and get writing; it will become a lovely keepsake too for the future, especially if you add some comments, thoughts or new ideas as you go along.


#3 Know yourself!

This could well be number 1 in my view. Just like with everything in life you have to know yourself to ensure you can build on strengths and address any gaps. In the case of your wedding it is very important to know how good you are at coping with pressure, dealing with important and helpful others (from your venue supplier to your mother-in-law!) and ensure you put mechanisms in place to avoid unnecessary conflict or stress. If patience is not your forte, find somebody who is and can help you with the odd but inevitable delay. If you have an eye for details, make sure you use it to double check all plans and avoid errors.


#4 Be assertive

It is YOUR wedding! So do not hold back, be confident in your ideas and if you do not agree or do not like something by all means say so! There is nothing worse than having regrets about your wedding day. You do not need to be aggressive in any way. Assertive means being clear about what you feel, appreciate what you need and express it clearly but also politely. Everyone will know where they stand with you and everyone will be grateful for it.


#5 Ask loads of good questions

Questioning skills are life skills and no better time to test them than the time you are planning your wedding. Whether you are talking to suppliers, a wedding planner or indeed your family and close friends, always ask questions about what they suggest, or propose or quote. The more questions you ask, the more you will be able to anticipate needs, appreciate the details and see the day for what it will really look like. Make sure your questions are open: What? Why? When? How? these are all good openers.


#6 Last but not least, make sure that you spend some time ENVISIONING your day

Ask yourself: what do I wish my wedding to look life, feel like, sound like, and smell like? The deeper the answer the better you will be able to provide guidance to your supplier and gain clarity for yourself. Ultimately, whatever the wedding, it is about staying true to yourself and ensuring that the experience feels authentic and aligned to who you are. Then, it will be truly memorable for everyone involved!


Alessandra Alonso is Chief Mentor and Strategic Consultant at Everyday Mentor. She is passionate about helping women realise their potential personally and professionally and has helped many individuals achieve their dreams by maximising their opportunities and talent. She can be contacted at

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