A family of boys and their lovely mummy / London Portrait Photographer

These boys sleep, dream, and breathe Star Wars! Well, perhaps not the baby yet, but judging from the headstands, jedi moves, and light sabre fights, it won’t be long before little babe joins the fun! But, don’t get me wrong, Mummy O has them all under control – they are fun, affectionate and obedient little boys, and they luuurrve her tasty homecooked food. I don’t know how she does it but she certainly makes it look like having 3 little boys and one big one is a breeze. louie-carlo-5.jpgcarlo-blog-1.jpglouie-blog-1.jpglouie-bw-web.jpgmark-l-c-blog.jpgfamily-blog-1.jpgcarlo-louie-blog.jpgcarlo-bw-web.jpgnico-1-blog.jpgodessa-nico-blog.jpgtickle-blog.jpgupside-down-blog.jpglola-kids-blog.jpgmark-dess-blog-1.jpgmark-louie-blog.jpgmark-dess-blog-frame.jpg

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