Playing with photoshop: faking a seamless shoot and trying ps overlays / London Portrait Photographer

I’m interrupting my scheduled catch-up blogs with a mini-session of my kids I did just yesterday. I’ve recently swapped some gear for a 50mm 1.4 and a 35mm 1.8 and I’m trying them out. Here are the results.

These black and whites are taken with the 50mm 1.4. I noticed the difference immediately from the 1.8. It might just be a one f stop difference, but it’s one big jump in bokeh – in my opinion.

Now don’t be fooled with these shots below taken with the 35mm 1.8. They may look seamless (far from perfect, I know) but they are fake. I’m just playing around with photoshop and trying out different things. These shots were taken indoors next to a big window at about 4.00pm in London, which if you live in the UK, you would know means very little light in the winter months. I turned my sofa sideways, draped a white bedsheet on the back of it and then plonked my kids on the sheet. My youngest was screaming and always wanted to be in the frame with my oldest. Unfortunately, there was only room for one small person on the sheet. My obliging oldest was getting tired and saying she’s had enough of the shoot. And my middle one was teasing them both by rolling and lying on the floor around them with his toy cars. I didn’t think I would get a decent shot. Oh the wonders of photoshop! Stay tuned, I will be posting the before-and-afters soon.

Now to overlays. I’m barely scratching the surface of photoshop. I thought my kids would do better kids-drawings than I could ever do so I let them have a go at the wacom pad. They loved it, tricky though to start with, and they had trouble joining up strokes. These drawings are purely theirs (except for the cupcake). I did the writings. Hope you like them!

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