Welcome Baby Grace – the girliest baby I’ve ever met! / London Portrait Photographer

Meet the newest addition to our church family. She is the girliest girl I have ever met. Who has ever met a 2 week-old baby who loves all things pink, vintage, and Cath Kidston? Throw in some leopard print (changing mat included!), oilcloth accessories, spotty hairbands and short balloon skirts and skinny jeans – she is nothing short of trendy! And she doesn’t even know it. Well done baby Grace, you’re off to a good start! socks-web-frame.jpggrace-1-web.jpggrace-2-web.jpggrace-4-web.jpggrace-3-web.jpggrace-5-web.jpggrace-6-web.jpggrace-8-web.jpggrace-9-web.jpggrace-web.jpggrace-blanket-blog.jpggrace-suitcae-blog.jpggrace-suitcase-1-web.jpg

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