The twins are starting to roll over, and crawl, and cruise! J & A at 10 months!

It wasn’t long ago that I got to photograph these adorable twins when they were only 5 and 6 pound tiny little bundles! Now they’re cheeky energetic boys with lots of hair and plenty of smiles. Here are J & A at 10 months – rolling, crawling, cruising. And of course, with their ever-doting lovely parents W & F. jay-1aa-blog.jpgjay-1-blog.jpgj-1-blog.jpgaidan-1a-blog.jpga-1-blog.jpgflora-j1-blog.jpgwill-twins-1-blog.jpgflora-a1-blog.jpgfam-bw2-web.jpgtwins-blog.jpgfamily-4-web.jpg

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