Fancy dress and birthday party for three little people

For 2 years running, we’ve had a ‘triple’ birthday for our 3 autumn celebrants in the family. This has turned out to be a great idea actually. For the little celebrants, it’s a marathon birthday. They get to open presents over a few weeks and get their very own little cake (usually a 3-minute microwave one) on their actual birthday. Always a double treat for them and good fun for their little friends too! cupcake-web.jpgcake-blog.jpgprincess-cake-web.jpgcalla-mink.jpgdisney-cake.jpgamelie-web.jpgsnow-white-web.jpgtoy-story-cake-web.jpgmy-girls-mink-web.jpgmusic-statue-web.jpgpass-parcel-web.jpgcousins-web-frame.jpg

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