An urban photoshoot in the heart of Greenwich | London Family Photographer

Meet Tanya and her beautiful family. Tanya isn’t just a pretty mama, she is a photographer too! So when she contacted me to take her family’s photos, I felt so honoured.

When the day of the shoot came, I was greeted by two most gorgeous little people. They were incredibly obliging, did everything we asked and happily so. Tanya wanted a very urban look, giving the feel of city life, not just an ordinary city life but London city life. Historically rich. Fast-paced. Buzzing London. But Greenwich is truly a beautiful place. Even in London, one can have the most relaxing time in Greenwich. The shoot felt like a nice leisurely stroll on a warm autumn day. A lovely family that rocked the camera. The richness and beauty of a London town. Perfect.

Here are some photos. To view the complete set, phone box, postbox, sweetshop and all, click here.

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