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Today is 11.11.11 and days like today do not come round often enough, in fact, after next year (12.12.12) there won’t be another one for another 88 years! I must at least feature something on my blog….. So I’m introducing Suzie and Jeremy’s amazing wedding!

The day finally came. And what an awesome day it was. Suzie and Jeremy made their vows before God, family and friends to be married forever. It was my first ever American-style wedding, too, and nothing short of memorable. An explosion of amazing singing, joy and excitement marked the day. Suzie looked absolutely stunning and Jeremy calm, confident, relaxed.

The bride and groom portrait were taken within 15 minutes. We were pressed for time so we drove around the local area and stopped at a couple of spots we passed by for photos. The city of London being what it is, interesting alleys and buildings were commonplace and of course the historic Smithfield Market was only a stone’s throw away.

Suzie and Jeremy, I thoroughly enjoyed capturing the special moments of your day. I hope you they will remind you of such precious memories of the beginning of your married life.

A big thank you to my sister-in-law Catherine Pask for shooting with me and taking some lovely portraits.

To view the full set of wedding photos, click here.
Venue: St James’ Clerkenwell – the Crypt is amazing
Suzie’s dress by MAggie Sottero from Young Bride and Groom

To view Suzie & Jeremy’s engagement photos taken at Canary Wharf, click here.

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