Christmas, light painting and two ill kids | London Family Photographer

This is what happens when two of my children are ill and off school on the day of their Christmas party…

Chistmas light WEBChistmas light painting 2 WEBChistmas light painting 5 WEBChistmas light painting WEB

You can do this! Here’s how:

1. Find a very dark room or close all curtains. Grab a torch.
2. Set your camera on something steady, set the focus roughly on where you are going to do the light painting.
3. Camera settings are fairly trial and error but start with this:
*set camera to manual
*high f number like f/10
*low ISO like 100 or 200
*very slow shutter speed set on BULB
*find someone to click the shutter for you
*when your friend clicks the shutter, tell them to keep their finger down on the shutter, in the meantime, you enter the focus area drawing with light {you must be facing the camera, making big strokes and in a steady pace}
*when you finish painting, leave the focus area and that is when your friend takes their finger off the shutter.
That’s it!

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