Creative tip 17: Winter | London Portrait Photographer

I was early for a shoot and with 45 minutes to kill, I decided to take photos of my immediate surroundings within a 10 meter radius. I was in the patio of a cafe, with a few benches dotted in the middle on a concrete floor surrounded by some small trees and grass. This exercise made me really look hard and close, appreciate the driest of leaves and weeds and admire the spikiest of thorns. Just when you think winter is so bleak and grey, you find little gems of beauty when you take the time to look close enough.

D800, 35mm photos shot between f1.4-2.8 ISO 100

Winter 29 WEBWinter 3 WEBWinter 7 WEBWinter 20 WEBWinter 15 WEBWinter 26 WEBWinter 23 WEBWinter 22 WEB

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