New Year’s Day trip to Winter Wonderland | London Family Photographer

They say it’s better late than never. Here are some family photos from December and January. First up is a light painting with sparklers from our Boxing Day lunch with extended family, followed by a few snaps during a pub lunch while visiting Daddy’s work.

sparklers light paintingwinter-wonderland-christmas

It’s a good start to the year – January 1st 2013 – and all of us were well enough to go into town and have some fun, at last! And so to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park we go! It was a bitterly cold day but the sun was glorious.


Thanks to our summer Disney trip of unlimited free rides and shows, we were not enticed by any of the rides – they were a rip-off anyway at £6 per head.


Finally, on our way home on the tube… to a good Chinese take-away!

on way home winter wonderland

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