Creative tip 6: Photo Diary Contest | London Creative Photographer

This is a simple idea, instead of writing in your diary, why not take your camera with you on a day trip and snap away, telling the story of your day in pictures. Remember, close-up details enrich the storytelling as much as wide scenic shots, so try and do both. Make sure there a beginning, middle and end. Capture both action and still shots. If you missed the previous creative tips, click here and follow the trail.


Below is a series of photos of my story. If you would like to win a mounted fine art floral print of one of my pictures, answer the following questions in the comment box at the bottom of this page. Whoever gets the most answers right gets a print!
1. what was the special occasion? 2. where did we go? 3. where did we go for a snack ‘asian style’? 4. what was our mode of transport? 5. my boy and hubby didn’t come with us on this day, where did they go? {question 5 is a big clue for question 1}

For Karin…
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