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I thought my next set of tips should be different from the previous two. If you missed them, click here to follow the trail. So this time, I’ll share some images I’ve taken last year when I really felt I need to do something for myself that would inspire me and keep me excited and passionate about photography.

Subject: Any person/s or favourite object/activity or a trip

Goal: It’s a simple concept. To take photos of your subject without showing their full faces but still capture the essence of their personality. If the subject is a person, try capture moments too.

Techie tips:

Light – Find somewhere with plenty of light to illuminate all or part of your subject such as a large window, artificial light like lamps and candles, or open shade. Utilise bright sunlight by focusing on shadows created.

Composition – A key element in the project. Crop in camera so that you cut out most of the subjects and not show their full faces. Do not cut off where the joints are such as neck, elbows, knees. Think angles, rule of thirds, leading lines, corners, textures, patterns and focus on one of these.

Details – Capture parts and fractions – of toys, hands, hair, fractions of features that remind you of their personality. Get up close and personal or stand back a little.

Creative cropCreative play 3Creative handsCreative shoesCreative shotCreative shadowsCreative angleCreative feetCreative playCreative play 2Creative3Creative1Creative

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